How to make time for exercise!

7 Mar

Time for exercise 1


I know, I know…life is busy!!!! Between meetings, school duties and family outings, our lives are just consumed with responsibilities.

But daily exercise is more important than you think!

If you are struggling to find the time or motivation to exercise, here are some tips to get you going :


1.  Add workouts to your calender : Plan your workout for the day just like you map out your work day or family events.  This allows you to prepare mentally and physically to start and complete your workout.

Personally, I work out first thing in the morning. So while my family is still asleep, I get up to work out. It leaves me with a quiet house and it gets my metabolism going and it sets me up for the rest of the day. Then I have the entire evening to do whatever needs to get done or relax.

Time for exercise 3

2.  Have a Plan B : Prepare for unexpected circumstances by having exercise alternatives in case you can’t make your fitness class, the weather forces you to stay put inside or whatever may come up. A home workout that requires no equipment is a great alternative!


3.  Change your way of thinking Once you accept that exercise is a security blanket than enhances your life now and in the future, you will make it a priority, just like everything else in your life.


4.  Do what you enjoy : Honestly, running is not my thing! So I choose not to do it. Instead, I use a home exericse video with a weekly schedule and it switches up my program every day, so I am never bored and always motivated to press play!

If you force yourself to do workouts you hate, you are almost guaranteed that you won’t stick to it. Instead, find something you like doing and find ways to make it phsycially challenging. For example, If you like walking, get friends involved and walk at varied speeds for 30 minutes.


5.  Skip one tv show a night : One less show means less time on the couch, which could give you 30 minutes to an hour of exercise time.

Time for exerise 2

6.  Make the most of commercials : When you do watch tv, do sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc. during commercials.


Ultimately, nothing I can say will make you want to exercise…you have to do it for you! But once you do,  you will never regret starting 🙂 Time for exercise 4




4 Responses to “How to make time for exercise!”

  1. Ves March 12, 2013 at 10:21 am #

    U skip a tv show….?…fozzzyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Shazo Fullard April 6, 2013 at 7:15 am #

    I am fortunate to be home and in a complex so going around my complex once is like walking around Winter cresc and distance Jo measured is 1.5km so I do 3 for now but it goes so quickly takes me 40min. the name of the DVD plz winter coming cannot go in the rain. love your page

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