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Cauliflower Rice!

18 Jul

Who says healthy food is boring??


I am always looking for ways to spruce up veggies, and this is seriously THE easiest veggie dish I have ever made!!  My daughter cleaned her plate and the whole family came back for seconds :).  All you need is a cauliflower and spices of your choice.



Take a whole cauliflower and cut in half.  Then grate the cauliflower.


Heat a non-stick pan and add the cauliflower to the pan, and proceed to dry fry the cauliflower.  I then added some crushed garlic, pepper and aromat.  As the cauliflower cooks, it will start to resemble rice / couscous.


Cauliflower rice in pan


It literally takes  2 minutes. Once done, plate up. I served mine with roasted skinless chicken breasts, butternut and squash.


Cauliflower rice plated





Tuna Tuesday!!

11 Jun

tuna lunch right side


My version of Tuna Tuesday today!!! Tuna with a dash of mayo, cottage cheese and green salad.


What’s your version of Tuna Tuesday?

Quick stirfry brown rice meal

6 Jun

I am always looking for short cuts when cooking, especially when one has so much to do at night.


Last night I made a quick, healthy, tasty meal that had my husband coming back for seconds.


My ingredients :


  • Brown rice
  • Skinless chicken breasts, diced
  • Mixed veg (I used mushrooms, green pepper, onions, peas and mixed vegetables)
  • Sweet chilli sauce
  • Hoison sauce
  • Garlic

Cook your brown rice in a pot, as per packet instructions.


In a wok or pan, brown your chicken pieces with salt, pepper and garlic.  Once the chicken is browned, add the mushrooms and green pepper and cook until soft.


Once the veg is cooked, add your other veg (you can use any veg your choose).  Once rice is cooked, add to the pan and mix through.


In a separate bowl, mix a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce with a tablespoon of hoisin sauce. Add a little boiling water to make it a thinner consistency.  Sauces


Then add the mixture to your pan and mix through with the rice, chicken and veg mixture.


Voila! Dinner is done!


Rice dish



More tips and tricks to lighten up food

17 May

Yesterday I gave a few tips to lightening up the fat but not the flavour when cooking.  Here are some more 🙂


  • Add dry crispy rice cereal to muffin and brownie batters for low-calorie volume.

dry cereal

  • Sprinkle bland dishes with strong-flavoured crumble cheeses like feta and blue cheese to maximize taste with just a small amount of added fat.



  • Use toasted, rolled oats in place of nuts in some baked goods.

rolled oats


  • Make your own full-fat milk substitute : just add a little fat-free yoghurt or powdered skim milk to fat-free milk to thicken it.

fat free yoghurt


  • Add “authentic” colour to egg white-based dishes such as frittatas by adding a dash of tumeric to the egg-white mixtures.


  • Replace the mayo in tuna, egg, pasta and chicken salads with plain low-fat yoghurt, dressed up with your favourite diced veg and seasonings.
  • Coat chicken and fish with a seasoned oat, cornmeal or cornflake batter and then bake for a crispy oven-fried result.



  • Rely on freshly grated orange, lemon and lime peel zest to add tremendous flavour to food.

lemon zest


  • Swap plain youghurt for sour cream in dip recipes.  Opt for Greek yoghurt is possible, to take advantage of its naturally thick, creamy texture.
  • Season homemade mashed potatoes with fresh garlic and chicken or vegetable broth instead of butter and milk. Better yet, roast the garlic first for a more robust flavour.

roated garlic



Lighten Up!

16 May

FNM050111_053 FNM


Try these genuis cooking-light tips to give your favourite recipes a truly healthy makeover.  Lightening up your favourite high-calorie, high-fat meals and recipes is a snap with a few tricks!


  • Toast nuts, spices and seeds to enhance their flavour. Bake nuts at 180C in a shallow pan, stirring occasionally, for 10 to 15 minutes.  Briefly toast spices and seeds in a hot pan, stirring until fragrant.  Add to your food.

Toasted nuts

  • Top desserts, casseroles and other dishes with shaved chocolate, shredded cheese and chopped nuts. Ingredients that are in small pieces cover more surface area so you can use less of them and still get great flavour.

Shaved chocolate

  • Rely upon fresh herbs, pungent spices, citrus juices, spicy relishes and/or hot peppers and chillis to boost flavour when cutting back on fat in recipes. Fat carries a lot of flavour so you need to replace it with strongly flavoured ingredients.


  • Cut back on oil and enhance flavour by using health-conscious cookware such as non-stick pans, griddle pans or woks, and silicon baking mats.

veggies in wok I


  • Make a large pot of homemade chicken, beef or veggie stock and freeze in ice trays. Pop out only as many cubes as you need to add wonderful flavour to your food, especially on busy days when you don’t have much time to cook.

Chicken cubes

  • Roast sliced peppers, carrots, onions and other favourite vegetables with cooking spray or a drizzle of olive oil and a bit of salt to bring out their natural sweetness.  Enjoy them as a side dish or chopped up and mixed into other recipes for added flavour and texture.

Roasted veg

  • Sautè veggies in chicken or vegetable broth instead of oil or butter. Also try using wine or fruit juice for a flavour boost. Orange juice works amazingly well!



I’ll post some more tips tomorrow 🙂  Feel free to comment if you would like to add any of our own tips.


A healthy lunch sandwich

25 Apr

I love having sandwiches for lunch.  I always use low GI bread which is tasty but also keeps me fuller for longer.

I also try to have a sandwich that combines protein, carbs and a good fat.

Yesterday I had a ham, avo, lettuce and tomato sandwich on low GI bread, and it kept me full until about 5pm when I have my afternoon snack.

You could replace the ham with chicken, turkey, tuna or whatever protein you prefer.

Please feel free to share your great sandwich combinations with me 🙂

Ham and avo sandwich

Comfort food Cottage Pie

18 Apr

As its starting to get colder and colder, I tend to start cooking more and more comfort food.


But of course, I always try to make it healthier but still tasty.


My ingredients are :

  • 5oog Ostrich and Beef mince (Pick n Pay stocks this)
  • Tin of tomato and onion mix
  • 1 small can of tomato paste
  • 1 large potato
  • Approx. 10 blocks of butternut / pumpkin
  • Garlic
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 sachet sweetener / 1 tsp.
  • Fat free milk
  • Margarine


Heat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius.


Chop the potatoes and butternut/pumpkin and cook in boiling water until soft.  Once soft, add a dollop of margarine and a splash of fat free milk to the veg and mash together.


Fry mince in a pot until cooked. Add the garlic, salt and pepper.  I don’t like to use oil when cooking so if the mince starts to stick, just add some water to the pot and loosen.


Once the mince is cooked through, add the tin of tomato and onion mix and the tomato paste, and cook through for about 3 minutes.  At this point I normally add a sachet of sweetener as the tomato paste can be quite tart and sharp.   Cook through for another minute or so and transfer to an oven dish.

Cottage pie before


Once the mince has cooled slightly, add the mashed veg to the top of the mince mix, and put in the heated oven for approximately 20 minutes or until potato has set.

Cottage pie cooked


After baking, put your oven on grill and bake for a further 5 minutes to ensure the veg sets nicely and the top of the pie has a nice golden glow.


Then its time to plate up! I normally have green veg on the side as I have already used a heavy carb in my mash mix.

Cottage pie plated