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28 Mar



A low-calorie alternative to crisps

27 Mar

Cassava chips

These cassava chips from Woolworths are great!

Its a low-calorie but yummy alternative to normal crisps, and at only approximately 76 calories a packet and at R4.95 each, its awesome!!!



The Hunt for a Healthy Easter

26 Mar



Just when you thought all the holidays were behind you – and no longer threatening your weight loss – along comes Easter and all its treats lol. Yes, I love my hot cross buns with pickled fish and yummy Easter eggs.  But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your diet completely. All it takes is a little planning!


Watch that basket.  Focus on the meaning and the non-food traditions of Easter, rather than just the meals. Then, once you look at the bigger picture, figure out how to incorporate some of your favourite low-calorie foods into the holiday for a healthy approach to Easter.

Healthy easter

Since you know sweets will be around plan for them. Save calories elsewhere in your day or week for a small splurge. Some chocolate can be good for you! Try buying smaller individually wrapped chocolate eggs and jelly-bean packs. Avoid the giant chocolate bunnies, no matter how cute they are hahaha.

Wrapped choccies

Don’t sit down to dinner on an empty stomach. You’ll be more likely to overeat. Have a glass of water before meals and try snacking on those colourful hard-boiled eggs – one large egg is approximately 76 calories!


Be active. Go for a walk before church or co-ordinate an Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg hunt

Be smart. Ask the Easter bunny for some nonfood rewards, such as individual sized puddings, protein bars or dried fruit.


Have a blessed Easter weekend!! Remember the reason for the season…and food will not become the focus.

Easter cross


Motivation Monday – Everything good takes time!

25 Mar

Earn body poster

I hope you all had a good weekend!!

This poster had me thinking about something I always say…that everything good takes time!

Yes, it is a daily decision you make to put the right fuel in your body and get some exercise.  And that is how you earn a healthy body!

Many people have asked about my weight-loss journey, and the thing I always tell them is that it takes time. I started a year and a half ago, and its still a daily decision to eat properly and get my exercise done for the day. Nothing beats the feeling after I have done my workout or the end of the day when I have accomplished eating clean.

So start today! You have nothing to lose! And if you’ve fallen off the wagon, get back up and accomplish the goals you set for yourself in the beginning!!

Determination poster



22 Mar


Public holiday!!!!

21 Mar

Sooo cool to enjoy a public holiday today :). Got my workout in…feeling strong and positive. Best way to avoid temptation is to keep busy!! Enjoy the day guys!!!


Should I cheat or not?

19 Mar


On the train to work today, all I could think about was how I would kill to have a coconut doughnut RIGHT NOW!

But cheating on my diet this weekend really made me think…is it really worth it?

I do believe in indulging a bit and enjoying the weekend, but I do think that once you start, sometimes it is hard to stop and one snack can become one meal and then become a whole weekend of binge eating.

The first consequence of a cheat meal is that it will load your body with fat, bad carbs and sugar that will throw you out of balance and change your blood chemistry significantly. I know this because I have been craving sugary treats for the past 2 days, and i normally have those cravings under control. Since giving into them this past weekend, it is all i can think about!

It can take 2-3 days for your body to re-stabilize from a cheat meal, and not to mention the extra calories one has consumed.  This can halt your progress if you are trying to lose weight. So to answer my own question…no, its not worth it!

The second consequence of a cheat meal is the consequences of your mind!!  Once you binge on certain foods, it becomes so much easier to do in the week, and also harder to get back on track. The mental aspect of losing weight is often harder to control than the physical, and that is why we always need to do a gut-check and remember why we have a goal in mind and the blessings and achievements that will come from the hard work we put in.

When I started cutting junk food from my diet, the cravings just disappeared. Yes, it took some time, but the more i starved myself from them , the less the cravings became.

Now, when I crave sweet treats, I have a rice cake with natural peanut butter and honey, or fruit. There are many foods that are sweet and that will satisfy the sweet tooth, without the added calories.

So before you put that high-calorie food in your mouth, have a think about it…Is it really worth it right now???

Discipline pic