Baked salmon dinner (with wilted garlic spinach and squash)

27 Aug

Hi guys!

I have previously posted a salmon dinner, but this one is even easier! Its on my Facebook fitness page and so I thought I would put the recipe on here for ease of reference.

Salmon dinner

Buy a piece of salmon from any store that sells fresh fish. I bought mine at Pick n Pay – approximately R25 for 120g of salmon.

Once I brought my salmon home , I washed the fish and made my marinade. Take a little low sodium soya sauce, honey and a little warm water and form a mixture. Taste to see if its the level of sweet and sour you like. Once its perfect, put it in a zip-lock bag with your salmon and let it marinade in the fridge for 30 minutes.  In the meanwhile, put your oven on 200C.


After marinading for 30 minutes I removed the fish and let it come down to room temperature.  I then put the fish in an oven dish with the marinade and let it cook uncovered for 15 minutes. Once fish is flaky, its ready to eat!

For my wilted spinach, I buy ready-cut spinach at Pick n Pay and wash thoroughly through a strainer (spinach tends to carry loads of grit).


I then heat a little olive oil in a hot pan and add the spinach once all water has been drained off.  You need quite alot of spinach to yield a nice serving.  Once the spinach starts to wilt, add a little crushed garlic and keep moving around. Once its completely soft, its ready to eat!

Transfer your spinach to your plate, top it with the salmon and sauce and make some squash (or any other veg) for the side and you have a healthy, super-easy meal that takes less than 20 minutes in total 🙂


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