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A family before and after :)

11 Jun

We recently did a family photo shoot, and I thought I would take a look at the last time we did a shoot. My daughter was probably 6 or 7 months old at the time.

Now, a year and 9 months later, I’m amazed to see how we have all changed hee hee.


Losing weight takes time, but it also takes consistency. Yes, we all have our days where we indulge, but being consistent 90 % of the time will give you great results!!! And I am super-proud of mine!


What do your before and after pics look like?


Before and after (family)




Before and After (in progress)

2 Apr

So over the Easter weekend I visited my folks and decided to try on my wedding dress…almost 5 years later…and was pleasantly surprised 🙂

A few months before my wedding, I hired a personal trainer and worked out for an hour, 6 days a week. What I did not focus on was my nutrition!  I would work out, and then two hours later I would be scoffing junk food, thinking that the exercise cancelled out everything I was eating.

It took me years to realise that one has to focus on every aspect…but that nutrition was the biggest one. Even though I exercised, nutrition was the biggest key, and because of that, I didn’t get the results I really wanted. Exercise can never ever catch up to a bad diet!

As much as I regret not having stuck to a healthy diet then, I realised that I don’t regret how far I’ve come since then. I wouldn’t swop where I am now for anything! I’m on this journey and everyday I make the choice to be  healthy and consistent.  If I didn’t start, then where would I be now?

wedding light




Public holiday!!!!

21 Mar

Sooo cool to enjoy a public holiday today :). Got my workout in…feeling strong and positive. Best way to avoid temptation is to keep busy!! Enjoy the day guys!!!


Making excuses

18 Mar

No excuses

Confession time….so I didn’t have the best of weekends.

For all my planning to eat well this weekend, we did some things as a family that didn’t allow for clean eating all weekend.  Is that an excuse though? Yes!

So today I am not making excuses. As disappointed as I am in myself, I am not going to give myself license to wallow in self-pity. No-one forced me to eat the junk I did!

We all make mistakes! The difference is giving up now, or getting back up and working hard to get our minds back to the place that made us crave this change.

So today I am re-committing to this journey that I started on some years ago. A commitment to be the best I can be, to be healthy, feel good and get the job done!!!

Who is with me???????


How I got started

25 Feb


Soooo excited!! Thank you to everyone who made comments on my first post, and also friends who have already given me topics to chat about 🙂  I appreciate every single suggestion and comment, so keep them coming!

For those of you who don’t already know, I wanted to share my before and after (still a work in progress) story.

I guess as far as I can remember, I have always struggled with my weight. My early school years I was skinny, but as soon as I hit high school, I started developing unhealthy eating habits. I became used to having junk food every night after dinner, while watching tv, not even concentrating on what I was eating, but mindlessly putting junk food into my mouth.  Some days I wasn’t even hungry, but just that habit of snacking was hard to break.
We got married 4 years ago and as I got more and more comfortable, I started putting on more weight. I still continued the habit of having junk food every night infront of the tv, and no exercise in my life.  Two years ago I gave birth to our daughter, Leah.  4 months after my daughter was born, we arranged a family photo shoot with both our parents.  When I got the pictures back I was alarmed to see just how big I had become. As happy as I was having my complete family, I realised just how unhappy I was with my weight.  I could clearly see that I was at my heaviest weight ever, and more importantly, an unhealthy weight!!!
I guess that was the day that everything clicked into place for me. Still not being a fan of exercise, I decided to join weight watchers. I learnt that losing weight is 80 % nutrition 20 % exercise.  I started to eat healthily, learn good eating habits and started a healthy lifestyle.  I went to weigh in every Tuesday and loved the affirmation I received when the scale showed a weight loss, and the motivation my leader gave me when my weight stayed the same or if I gained a little.  After 8 months on the program I lost 12 kilos. I was so happy with gradual weight loss because I had not picked it up again, which tends to happen if you go on fad diets, and trust me, I had tried every one under the sun!
My brother had over the course of a year, lost 30 kilos!!!!  He had been doing beachbody workout programs during that whole period and logging his food. He started chatting to me about working out, and told me about turbo fire (being that I like dancey cardio programs where you having fun while working out).  I purchased the turbo fire program and started working out.  The high and satisfaction I got from working out can’t be explained. I started getting up  at 4:30am every morning to get my workout in, because having a young child, the evenings just didn’t allow for me to work out at night.  The weight started coming off faster, and I lost another 8 kilos.  So I have now lost 20 kilos altogether.  It really helped tremendously to have my brother on this journey with me, to have a buddy to chat to, to gain and give encouragement to, and share experiences with.
Two months ago my former weight watchers leader asked me to come and give a talk to the other members of the class, to chat to them about my journey, answer questions and encourage them. That was the most amazing humbling experience, and the feedback was incredible.
Also, to be able to pass down a healthy lifestyle to my daughter is one of the greatest gifts I can give her. She now warms up with mommy and watches while I work out, and knows that a healthy lifestyle and exercise is a part of our daily lives.
I am still not where I want to be…but I am very very happy right now! What I have learnt over this whole journey is quick fixes do not work!! What I do know that is the effort you put in, the time you take to research food and labels, the knowledge you gain is not for naught, and if you are serious about this, willing to work hard and are committed, you WILL SEE RESULTS!!!!
Before    Before 3
After After 3