Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

15 Jan


I’m sure we have all indulged a bit too much over the festive season. It is scary how quickly I went back to my old eating habits and exercise fell by the way-side.

Hopefully these tips will help us pinpoint where we need to look at to improve ourselves, get motivated and get back on track again!


You are drinking too much

Most people overlook liquid calories entirely.  We don’t notice how a seemingly single-sized juice can or bottle actually contains 2 or 3 servings – and therefore 2 or 3 times more calories.

Your best bet : Replace juice with water, and eat your calories instead of drinking them.  I love adding crushed mint and strawberries or lemon juice to my water to flavour it.



You eat fruity yoghurt


Most fruit-flavoured yoghurts and plenty of other healthy-sounding foods are sweetened with fructose.  But unlike other sweeteners, this one does not tell you that you are full. The result is you end up eating way more calories than your body actually needs. Why not have plain yoghurt with muesli or fresh fruit?


You indulge yourself a little too often

junk food

When you indulge in sweet or fatty foods regularly, you end up craving larger portions to feel satisfied.  Need a sweet treat everyday? Try dark chocolate, almonds, a protein bar or some fruit.


You are depriving yourself

no carbs


When you cut out whole foods groups (like carbs or fat, for instance) you set yourself up to binge eat them the next time you let yourself splurge. So instead of crossing them off your grocery list completely, learn how to manage your strongest cravings by replacing them with healthy carbs and fats.

I have replaced my potatoes with sweet potatoes and green veg, and it really does make a difference.


You think working out gives you a “pass”

Exercising can make you want to eat more, but that doesn’t mean you should.  And it does not help that most people grossly overestimate the number of calories they burn working out.

It took me years to realize that the half hour of exercise I was putting in was not cancelling out the junk food I consumed. Fuel your body with healthy foods to give you more energy when working out.






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