3 Habits for Weight Loss Success!

3 Sep

Honestly, I’m sure you have heard it all before. But these 3 tips are tested and proven by myself! I lost 20 kilograms and kept it off for over a year by sticking to good habits and these tips.

We all know that eating less and moving more leads to weight loss, but forming these habits will maximize your loss, and once they become second nature, they will help you get through your day without having to think too hard about every food move you make.

Daily Food Diary / Journal

food journal

I lost most of my weight on the weight watchers programme.  One of the main reason I will always strongly advocate weight watchers is the easy steps one takes to lose weight. It sounds almost too easy. But actually tracking my daily food intake allowed me to be aware of what I was eating and accountable to myself.  And it takes a couple of seconds a day to plan. What I would do is plan my daily food the night before, so I would leave no chance of failure. Its so easy to just eat anything when you don’t plan, but when you do, success is guaranteed!!

Now that I have left weight watchers, I use a mobile food journal called myfitnesspal, and I still log my food everyday. Its the best way to maintain weight and health.

Don’t Skip Meals

healthy meals

Skipping meals increases food cravings and deadens your mood.  A study found that after fasting, we instinctively reach for high-calorie foods.  Instead of testing your willpower to resist, avoid intense food cravings by staying satisfied.  That means eating breakfast every morning as well as snacking reasonably when you are hungry.

Oatmeal, Greek yoghurt and hard-boiled eggs are quick morning eats that don’t take much thought.  By always having these on hand and adding some fruit or raw veggies, you can make a meal.



Most don’t even give exercise a thought because they think it would be too hard. But just moving instead of sitting on the couch is still burning calories!!

We all have to start somewhere. We are not going to look like supermodels over night, but with consistent exercise (3-4 times a week) you can start to build yourself up to more challenging workouts and become the best version of YOU.

I often recommend walking as a great way to start getting an exercise routine going. Find a buddy to walk with you, find a scenic route to walk along, play some music while you are walking, and then it won’t even feel like exercise. There have been many days when I’m just stressed, and exercising really does help to relieve tension and decompress.

So give these habits a go…you won’t be disappointed. With consistency, you will see results and feel sooooo much better as well!


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