Plyometrics and P90X

4 Jun

Plyometrics jump

So today was my 2nd day of P90X, and Plyometrics was on my schedule. The running time is approx. 58 minutes, of which 8 minutes is a warm-up and 4 minutes a cool down. They only equipment I needed was a chair, and then my heart rate monitor, towel and water.

But what is Plyometrics? Also known as jump training, it is a training technique designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness.  But don’t let that you off…its not as complicated as it sounds, and i had loads of fun this morning!! Its low impact but high insensity, so maximum calories are burned.

Plyometric training conditions the body with dynamic resistance exercises that rapidly stretch a muscle and then rapidly shorten it. Hopping and jumping exercises, for example, subject the quadriceps to a stretch-shortening cycle that can strengthen the muscles, increase vertical jump and reduce the force of impact on the joints. I did modify some of the exercises, which i will keep modifying as i get stronger.  As Tony Horton says…”Do your best and forget the rest!”

Do your best

Today’s workout gave my upper body a break, as yesterday was all about the chest and back, plus the abdominals. After 58 minutes I felt like I had a great workout and burned a ton of calories. I know I’m still going to feel the burn all day, but its yoga tomorrow so that will stretch my muscles, relax them and make me them more pliable, which I will definitely need by tomorrow.

Here are some examples of plyometric exercises. Do it at your own pace and own level, and modify if need be. Write down the amount of reps you did and try to better yourself every time 🙂



2 Responses to “Plyometrics and P90X”

  1. Colin DeWaay June 5, 2013 at 11:57 pm #

    I haven’t done them in a very long time now, but Plyo X is by far my favorite of all P90X videos!

    • nataliegermishuys June 6, 2013 at 10:02 am #

      Awesome!! Loved it too!!! I must say P90X is very cool…enjoying it so far 🙂

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