More tips and tricks to lighten up food

17 May

Yesterday I gave a few tips to lightening up the fat but not the flavour when cooking.  Here are some more 🙂


  • Add dry crispy rice cereal to muffin and brownie batters for low-calorie volume.

dry cereal

  • Sprinkle bland dishes with strong-flavoured crumble cheeses like feta and blue cheese to maximize taste with just a small amount of added fat.



  • Use toasted, rolled oats in place of nuts in some baked goods.

rolled oats


  • Make your own full-fat milk substitute : just add a little fat-free yoghurt or powdered skim milk to fat-free milk to thicken it.

fat free yoghurt


  • Add “authentic” colour to egg white-based dishes such as frittatas by adding a dash of tumeric to the egg-white mixtures.


  • Replace the mayo in tuna, egg, pasta and chicken salads with plain low-fat yoghurt, dressed up with your favourite diced veg and seasonings.
  • Coat chicken and fish with a seasoned oat, cornmeal or cornflake batter and then bake for a crispy oven-fried result.



  • Rely on freshly grated orange, lemon and lime peel zest to add tremendous flavour to food.

lemon zest


  • Swap plain youghurt for sour cream in dip recipes.  Opt for Greek yoghurt is possible, to take advantage of its naturally thick, creamy texture.
  • Season homemade mashed potatoes with fresh garlic and chicken or vegetable broth instead of butter and milk. Better yet, roast the garlic first for a more robust flavour.

roated garlic




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