Lighten Up!

16 May

FNM050111_053 FNM


Try these genuis cooking-light tips to give your favourite recipes a truly healthy makeover.  Lightening up your favourite high-calorie, high-fat meals and recipes is a snap with a few tricks!


  • Toast nuts, spices and seeds to enhance their flavour. Bake nuts at 180C in a shallow pan, stirring occasionally, for 10 to 15 minutes.  Briefly toast spices and seeds in a hot pan, stirring until fragrant.  Add to your food.

Toasted nuts

  • Top desserts, casseroles and other dishes with shaved chocolate, shredded cheese and chopped nuts. Ingredients that are in small pieces cover more surface area so you can use less of them and still get great flavour.

Shaved chocolate

  • Rely upon fresh herbs, pungent spices, citrus juices, spicy relishes and/or hot peppers and chillis to boost flavour when cutting back on fat in recipes. Fat carries a lot of flavour so you need to replace it with strongly flavoured ingredients.


  • Cut back on oil and enhance flavour by using health-conscious cookware such as non-stick pans, griddle pans or woks, and silicon baking mats.

veggies in wok I


  • Make a large pot of homemade chicken, beef or veggie stock and freeze in ice trays. Pop out only as many cubes as you need to add wonderful flavour to your food, especially on busy days when you don’t have much time to cook.

Chicken cubes

  • Roast sliced peppers, carrots, onions and other favourite vegetables with cooking spray or a drizzle of olive oil and a bit of salt to bring out their natural sweetness.  Enjoy them as a side dish or chopped up and mixed into other recipes for added flavour and texture.

Roasted veg

  • Sautè veggies in chicken or vegetable broth instead of oil or butter. Also try using wine or fruit juice for a flavour boost. Orange juice works amazingly well!



I’ll post some more tips tomorrow 🙂  Feel free to comment if you would like to add any of our own tips.



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