How can I stick to my diet on weekends?

15 Mar

It happens to the best of us : We eat healthy Monday through Friday, but then blow it on the weekend.

Healthy salad

The structure of a weekday routine makes it easier to stick to a healthy eating plan, but on weekends there’s less structure and temptations are everywhere. We might think that our healthy weekdays balance out weekend splurges, but one can easily eat up to 1000 calories more per day!

Here are some tips that are helpful to me :


Plan Ahead : Try not to keep junk food in the house. Keep fresh fruit, veggies, whole-grain crackers, almonds and your favourite cheese on hand for nutritious snacking.


Don’t skip breakfast : This is a tip that definitely works!!! Start Saturday and Sunday mornings with a good healthy breakfast loaded with plenty of protein and fiber. Good choices include eggs, whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk, or whole wheat toast with peanut butter. Even bacon and eggs is great! I normally do a breakfast bake with Weigh-less bacon, cheese, eggs and loads of veg like mushrooms and peppers.


Keep a food log :  Being more aware of what you are eating helps to keep track and stay on track.

Treat yourself – just a little : Any diet that leaves you feeling deprived will ultimately fail. Enjoy a small piece of chocolate or a small bowl of chips. Be careful with portion size though.


Eat more fruits and vegetables : They are low in calories and high in nutrients and fiber. Try to get as much fiber in as possible as they keep you feeling full.

fruit and veg

Be careful with menus : If we eat out, I tend to order a salad as a side and take half of my main home to have for lunch the next day. And sharing a dessert is a great way to save calories but still indulge.

Get physical activity : Not only will exercise burn calories, it will improve your mood and probably distract you from your cravings.

Active family cartoon

Its okay to slip up now and then : Don’t beat yourself up if you have an occasional weekend food binge. It happens to the best of us. But don’t let it become a landslide and throw all your hard work down the drain.  Make sure your next meal is well- balanced. 



4 Responses to “How can I stick to my diet on weekends?”

  1. Nathaniel Pillay March 15, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    This article has come to my eyes at a much needed time of the week…thanks Natalie….Very inspiring!!!!!!!!!!

  2. enozia March 15, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    Good post

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