Motivation Monday – How to not quit after week 1

4 Mar

Don't give up


We’ve all been there…we start working out and eating properly…it lasts for a few days and we just stop and go back to square one.

A friend asked me to write on this topic, and its one that hits close to home. Even though I am not where I want to be, I have been on this journey now for almost 2 years straight. Many times before I had started with the best intentions, but somewhere along the way I just gave up. There was no excuse…I just gave up!

It really does start with your mental state. I had to reach a point where I saw myself in full living colour, and realised that the way I looked and felt was just not healthy. And so I made the decision to never ever look and feel that way again. That was when I made the decision to join weight watchers, and become accountable to someone else as well as to myself.

The best lesson I learned is that we all have bad meals, we all have bad days. But if you are having a bad meal, don’t let it spiral from there. Make sure that your next meal is well-balanced and you get back on track. So many times we give ourselves license to eat unhealthily for the rest of the day/weekend because of one meal.  Forgive yourself and move on. Yes, we are all human and all have slip-ups or want to indulge…just get back on track!

Remember…everything good takes time! You might not see results today, but you soon will! Think more about how good you FEEL. Let that be the motivation to keep going. I promise…it is ALL WORTH IT!!! No-one can do it for you…you have to do it for yourself and make the commitment to BRING IT each and every single day! MAKE THE DECISION TODAY TO BE THE BEST YOU THAT ONLY YOU CAN BE!!!!






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