Wednesday Walkies club :)

27 Feb

Fitness should become an integral part of your life.

If you are unsure where to start and have not exercised much before, I would really recommend walking.

At the moment I am doing a fitness program called Chalean Extreme, which combines weights and cardio, 5 times a week.

But I really wanted to switch it up one day a week with nothing too strenuous but still fun.

And that is how the Wednesday Walkies Club started 🙂  My two buddies Candy and Stefanie had been chatting about ways to get some exercise, but also a way to catch up with each other and have some girly time.  So now every Wednesday afternoon we meet up and walk at a brisk pace for half an hour.

So I would encourage you to start walking a few times a week, for 15 minutes, and then increasing by 10 minutes every week. Remember to wear the proper footwear with the right arch support in your shoe, and walk the first 5 minutes at a slow pace to warm up your body.  Also have water with you to keep hydrated.  Then go for it!!!!

Get your friends to join in on your fitness, have fun, catch up, get some fresh air, and get healthy together!




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